CAT 5 Cable

An ethernet cable is a type of cable used in local area networking to provide the link for data flow between computers. There are multiple types of ethernet cables, each one able to transfer data at different speeds. The CAT 5 cable, also known as a category 5 cable, is one type of ethernet cable, and it is used to provide Fast Ethernet speeds. It is made out of four pairs of twisted copper wires, even though the Fast Ethernet uses only two pairs. There is another version of the CAT 5 cable that is able to utilize all four pairs and go up to higher speeds than normal. Local area networks are highly useful in today's interconnected world, and the CAT 5 cable is the most commonly used cable for local area networking.

The CAT 5 cable is made out of four pairs of twisted copper wires. The wires are twisted to help minimize interference. It is capable of providing data flow up to 100 megabits per second, otherwise known as Fast Ethernet. Even though the cable has four twisted copper wire pairs, Fast Ethernet is only capable of using two pairs.

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CAT 5 Cable

In order to use all four pairs, a newer version of the CAT 5 cable was made, called the CAT 5 enhanced. It is capable of speeds up to 1000 megabits per second, which is called Gigabit networking. It can only provide these speeds over a short distance. This enhanced version is backward-compatible with the original CAT 5.

There are two major types of CAT 5 cables: solid and stranded. Solid cables can support longer distances and are primarily used in networking a large building. Stranded cables are used in short distance cabling. The stranded ones are also more pliable and movable than solid cables.

The four pairs of twisted copper wires in a CAT 5 have minimal interference. The normal CAT 5 only supports a data rate up to 100 megabits per second, but the enhanced version can go up to 1000 megabits per second. The two types of cables are used for different types of cabling. The solid cables are used for long distance and the stranded cables are used for short distance cabling. Most local area networks use CAT 5 cables to provide the data transfer.