Crossover Cable Pinout

A crossover cable has a different method of twisting wires than a normal cable. In a crossover cable pinout it shows that the pins cross over instead of going straight across. This means that a crossover cable can be used to connect two computers together for networking. The crossed over pins allow the cable to transmit and receive data between two computers without the need of a network hub or router. The crossover cable pinout shows how the pins look in a crossover cable. A straight-through cable is used when connecting two different types of hardware, but a crossover is used for connecting two of the same hardwares.

There are many types of crossover cables, including cat5e and cat6 crossover cables. A crossover cable pinout shows that the pins are connected in a different order. Pin 1 goes to Pin 6 and vice versa, as does Pin 2 goes to Pin 3. Cable designers use these pinouts when making a crossover cable, because the crossing pins allows a crossover cable to do its work properly.

Crossover Cable Pinout

A crossover cable is used to connect two computers, printers, or other form of hardware together. They are only used for connections like PC-to-PC, Mac-to-Mac, router-to-router, or network hub-to-network hub. They do not work well in a PC-to-router connection for instance. The crossover cable pinout shows how this works.

The crossing over of the pins allows transmission and reception of data signals from two computers that are connected together. The twisted wires inside the cable itself are also crossed over and reversed. Cable designers need to know how a crossover cable does its work, and a crossover cable pinout is used to give a visual representation. This visual representation is used by cable designers to help them create the pin connections.

Using a crossover cable pinout is extremely useful when creating crossover cables as well as in learning how they work. A crossover cable is used between two computers, two printers, or even two routers to share a network. Most of the time it is a temporary solution until a router can be installed. In the pinout, Pins 1 and 6 are connected to each other, as are Pins 2 and 3. A crossover cable does not work in a connection such as PC-to-router. Being able to read a pinout can help greatly when learning about crossover cables.