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Step one:
        Call 0838-3021218 for price information. Some CVD diamond drawing dies belong to customized products and need to complete the step two before making an inquiry.
Step two:
        Download the order template and fill it out according to your needs.
Step three:
        Send the completed order and relevant drawings (if necessary) as attachments to the following e-mail:
Step four:
        After receiving the order information, our marketing staff will make the corresponding contract according to the order situation. During the period, the contract may be further confirmed by telephone and you, and the contract is sent to you by fax, QQ, WeChat, express or other conventions. After signing the contract on the contract, the order is formally entered into force.
Step five:
        Our company arranges the production after the contract is signed. After completion of production, notify your company to pay the payment to the delivery. Our company issued special invoices for value-added tax, and sent them separately.