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E-mail: sara@scnatu.com
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Address: Sichuan natu Technology Co., Ltd., No. 2, west section of Xingfu Road, industrial park, Jinshan Town, Luojiang District, Deyang City, Sichuan Province
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      Sichuan Natu Technology Co., Ltd. is a science and technology enterprise specializing in coating service and coating tools. It is located in Deyang city, one of the China's major technical equipment manufacturing bases and one of the three major power equipment manufacturing bases in China, adjacent to Mianyang city and Chengdu city.
The company is committed to the development and sale of CVD diamond coating services and products, and the production and sale of PVD tools. The company has a group of professionals engaged in coating technology research and development, after continuous improvement has formed a mature production system. The independently developed CVD deposition furnace has the characteristics of miniaturization, lightweight, automation and large installed capacity. The CVD diamond nanoscale coating drawing die has high life and superior performance. The domestic market share is increasing and from 2017 it exported overseas.
The company will adhere to the spirit of service priority and technical guarantee. Based on customers experience and providing customers with high quality products, excellent solutions and perfect supporting services, Our company is willing to cooperate with our customers to create a better future.