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CVD diamond coated PCB milling cutter
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CVD diamond coated PCB milling cutter
CVD diamond coated PCB milling cutter

1mm diamond coated micro milling cutter


Introduction of CVD diamond coated PCB milling cutter
Product Name: CVD diamond coated PCB milling cutter
Product specification: handle diameter 3/3.175 blade diameter 0.25-6mm
Characteristics of PCB diamond coated milling cutter
The base material is imported cemented carbide with high toughness, high strength, large debris discharge space, small resistance, smooth debris discharge and very low drilling calorific value.
With high precision grinding technology, the cutting edge of the bit is sharper than that of other bits, which can reduce the cutting force, reduce the drill breakage rate and improve the quality of the hole wall.
The high wear-resistant nano-diamond coating based on PCB drilling can ensure that the service life of the drill is 3-5 times as long as that of the conventional tungsten steel drill.
According to customer needs, we can customize all kinds of PCB bits.
Scope of use
PCB, CNC, mold, plastic, copper, aluminum, and other precision metal processing.

Processing effect of 7075 aluminum alloy

6mm milling cutter
Processing material: 7075 aluminum alloy
Cooling method: air cooling
Spindle speed: 4500r/min
Cutting width: 2mm
Cutting depth: 1mm
Feed rate: 300mm/min

Surface Roughness after Coating Tool Processing

Surface Roughness after Unoating Tool Processing