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CVD Diamond Coating Drawing Die
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CVD Diamond Coating Drawing Die

CVD Diamond Coating Drawing Die(large diameter)

Introduction of CVD Diamond Coating Drawing Die
Super hard CVD diamond coating has revolutionized the service life of the die. The CVD diamond coated wire drawing die is based on tungsten steel die. After being repaired and special pretreated, the diamond film is coated with multi-layer micron nano scale, and it is finished after polishing and inserting.

Application Range of CVD Diamond Coating Drawing Die
       It is suitable for drawing all kinds of gas shielded welding wire, high carbon steel wire, medium and low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, copper and aluminum wire and all kinds of special-shaped pipe and wire without selecting material.

Properties and Characteristics of CVD Diamond Coating Drawing Die
1、die life and physical and chemical properties of the coating           
        Under normal working conditions, the drawing tonnage is more than 30 times of the carbide drawing die;
      Physical performance: for example

2、Die Characteristics:

Ø Special pretreatment technology creates super strong film base bonding force and prolongs die life;

Ø Ultra long life, greatly reducing the mode frequency;

Ø The ultra fine nano polishing surface improves the quality of wire rod;

Ø Improve drawing rate, achieve ultra high speed drawing and improve production efficiency;

Ø Without special cooling, water cooling can ensure long life;

Ø Without special lubrication, clean and lubricated medium can realize the super long service of the mould;

Product Specifications

A large quantity of stock in the conventional model can be shipped on the same day, and the special model can be shipped on 5-7 days.

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