Snagless Cable

Are you tired of having your cables all snag on the plug of a single cable? If so, then a snagless cable is for you! These cables come with a plastic cover over the switch that allows the cable to be taken out of whatever it is connected to. This switch is notorious for snagging on many other cables, but a snagless cable prevents this. When networking computers, there will probably be a great many wires involved, and an Ethernet cable can snag on many of these wires. We will discuss why a snagless cable is useful to have and how it helps prevent cables from snagging on it.

One of the most annoying things about networking is the amount of wires involved. Because of the number of wires, an ethernet cable can easily snag onto one or more wires, such as VGA, USB, or coaxial cables. The part that is responsible for this snagging of computer wires is the switch that allows the wire to be taken out of a connection slot.

Snagless Cable

In order to prevent snagging, a snagless cable has a plastic cover put over the switch. This cover has a smooth and curved surface to allow cables to slide right over them. With this cover in place, you do not have to worry about getting cables snagged whenever you have to unplug an ethernet cable from a computer, Nintendo Wii, or any other device with an ethernet port.

It is possible to buy snagless cables from stores that sell cables. The covers can also be bought separately and added to a cable. These cables function just like normal networking cables, the only difference is the plastic cover over the switch. It is a very handy thing to put on a cable, especially if you work with wires and cables all the time.

When doing work with cabling and wiring, an ethernet cable can snag onto multiple other wires because of the oddly shaped switch it has. To prevent this, snagless cables have a plastic cover over both ends to prevent the switch from snagging onto wires. It is basically a curved cover that allows wires to slide over them. It is a useful type of cable, especially for people who like to work with devices that use ethernet cables like computers or Nintendo Wiis. Getting a cable that is snagless can be a lifesaver for people who work with cables.